Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Ain't blogged in a coon's age...

Oh yeah, Mtn Momma is back to bloggin'. The techno world thought they got the best of me...(well they kinda did)...but we are switching gears and getting ready for a great 2015 River season! Don't let winter hold you back from getting your dates secured...check out our new site and join up with us on the facebook. Looking forward to getting out of the office and wetting a bout you?

Monday, May 28, 2012


It has been a few weeks...I know. I haven't forgotten about you! We have been pretty busy here during the tourist shuffle and to beat all....this is the new river new phrase "this crazy weather". This may be the driest April/May we have ever seen in the Ozarks. If we aren't praying for the rain to stop, we are praying for it to start! The MAN upstairs is never short of surprises and I am thankful! With low water we are still catchin fish, having great guests and good times on the rivers. Looking forward to cooler days and a pinch more water...but I can't complain'n! We are still here wishin you were here fishin! Until next post! Mtn Momma

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tale of 2 rivers

Hey friends, Praises this past week because we missed the majority of rain the "weatherman" predicted. I am really beginning to think that the job of a weatherman is some "unprecidented" crap! Although I'm glad we have them to lean on for info, I am planning to use some of the old ways of predicting! Even with rain and the Buffalo rise, we had a fish catchin week! Now that Buffalo is falling and the temps this week will be will be a race to see who can get to the "basshole" (the buffalo that is) Smallmouth are going to be a hot item this next week...can't wait.
U wish u were here!
Until next post,
Mtn Momma

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good mornin' gobblin'

Spring has sprung around here and I was awakened by the glorious sound of "Gobblin' on the hill". The hill I'm speaking of is the big face bluff across from us known as "Turkey Mountain". It is real hard to stay in bed on a beautiful morning like this and I am itching to get in the woods (i bet the ticks/chiggers can help me out with that too!) All of the redbuds have started opening up this week along with some dogwoods and wild cherry trees. It looks to be a beautiful spring! You wish you were here....

Speaking of ailments (like itching), I have fever too...that is fish'n fever! Some of our March normals have been in/out of here this week and last weekend and just tearin up the Trout!!! We had some rain Monday that kicked up the Buffalo, so that gave us the brown/green seam line fishing which is awesome on trout. Now the Buffalo is dropped and clearing and the Bass bite should be back to game-on. Ya'll come see us to get in on the action and visit the Riley bunch.

Wish'n I was fish'n OR Turkey Trott'n,
Mtn Momma

Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hey friends,
All of ya'll know that Spring and Fall are Mtn Momma's favorite times of the year. This Fall was a bummer on hunting for me, so I'm planning to make up for it this Spring. I am already starting off on the wrong foot from battling a head cold and I can't hear a dern thing, so with my handicap, Gavin has heard the first Gobbily of the season and I've got the goop! He has gotten his own shotgun this year along with the other huntress of the family (josie, who bagged her first bird last spring) and me with ol'faithful, bottom of the boat gun...Mossy. Real women name their guns! The weather has been AWESOME and March is a sunset away. Looking forward to all of normal March groups and would love to see some new faces. Give us a call to talk about our Spring Turkey season in April and the great fishing that is going on NOW.

Mtn Momma

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Book Face

To add more techno we are on facebook. Please join our Riley's Station Outfitter group. Post your photos from past trips, questions about the rivers and any info about this area. Looking forward to staying in touch with all of you (would rather ya'll be here though!)

More later,
Mtn Momma

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Where have we been??

OK...I know, I know, I know! It has been 3 years since last post. Life is full of adventures and the computer (for me) has not been one of those adventures!!

We are still here stirring the beautiful waters of these 2 rivers. We are getting ready for another exciting Spring in the Ozarks! For those that didn't know we had another addition to the crew last August and over the last few years we have gotten our small farm back up & going. All the chillun's are great and we are ready for some other additions to the family coming soon...NO I AIN'T PREGNANT! You will just have to watch for upcoming blogs to find out the next round of good news!! We are going to be making some fresh changes to the website and keeping up with all of this techno stuff, so please become a Riley blog follower and STAY TUNED....

For those that have time to escape the normal life and want to GO FISHIN...COME ON DOWN, you have been selected and the Price is Right!

Shoot us an email or give us a call. We have availability for all group/family sizes. We want to see all of the old faces and new ones!

"You bringa line, you bringa pole, we will set you up on a trout fishin hole"

River blessings!
Mtn Momma