Thursday, October 2, 2008

Guide in training

Hey all,

It isn't very often that one will admit that your "kid" whooped you on fishing, but this was the case for me. I had threatened several times this summer to just head up to Crooked Creek from the dock and wear some bass out. That was my attempt...I soon learned!

Gavin and I jetted out of the dock headed up to Crooked against the 8 generators. We took boat #10, it seems to be the fastest (at least that is what Dave from Memphis says!) We timed our trip being 37 minutes which I thought was pretty quick. Maybe ol' Dave was right? We were both armed with Zoom lizards and Yum crawdads. Our first goal was to motor up as far as we could go (my mind is still thinking of kayak'n that section) We ended up going approx 3 1/2 miles with the clarity being the worst the closer we drifted to the confluence on the White River.

Far enough, lets fish. The bite did seem to be a little slow and the bottom of the creek was moving fast so I anchored off a ledge. I missed one, then another, then another. I started thinking my L.O.F.T. was off (that is Lack Of Frigging Talent). Well I'm sure it was!

Gavin proved it by landing this nice creek smallie about 2 1/2 pounds. Good one boy, now its my turn. I tell you my turn never came and he caught a couple more and all I hooked was a gar. That 10 second catch would have to suffice me. Fine, lets head out to the White and drift home for trout. Well he wore me out on the trout and also fished a way that I never thought would catch fish.
We ended up with one limit of the gov't fish to feed these starving girls. Miles wasn't home that day and I even had to clean them! I was huntin' a hole to hide in and I made sure that he cleaned the boat out. I had to redeem myself somehow!?

Thank the Lord there can be another time for me to "whoop" him. Can't let the lil' guy get to boisterous!

Until next post,
"Bass-shamed" Mountain Momma

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our DAM float

Well yes, we did a dam float. That is...we floated from the Bull Shoals dam back to Riley's Station. Oh, it wasn't that long OR scary. Matter of DAM fact, it was great!

This trip was to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. The plan was to have another day long float with a wonderful camp trip involved.

Itenerary...float 32 miles from Bull Shoals launch area to Buffalo City and paddle ourselves into Buffalo River for one night camp. Did we succeed??? That is the whole senario of a bear poopin in the woods thing. Of course we did!

Launching at 9 a.m. carrying our 1 nights gear inside our X factor kayaks we started our float by forgetting batteries. Where else to stop but Gastons? We paddled right up to the dock to be welcomed by dock hand Bubba while Miles and I strolled the tourist shopping area. We did find some trinkets for Amy and the needed camera batteries.

Recording docks, homes and boat landings. It very quickly made us thankful for our area while appreciating others blessings. Isn't that they way it should be?

We arrived in BC by 5 p.m to paddle upstream to our campspot. Yes...nobody there. Always a happy campers desire! Good food to be started and then a suprise visit from another married couple. Little did they know we would be escaping at the same time. Oh well, call it chance, but it was a good visit. River rats are good folks, no matter what!

Let us help you with your anniversary ESCAPE! I can pull a few more ideas out of my hat just for you!

Mountain Momma
"dam kayak'r"

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Teen float trip

Hey friends,

Great weather and moderate river levels have kept the "floatin" bug in me. After a visit with my mom for a week and a family float from Rim Shoals to here I really wanted to float Buffalo again. Call me crazy, but I wanted to do this with my teenage daughter!!

We ended up loading equipment on the 22nd for our voyage the next morning. My crew would consist of 3 teen girls and Amy (friend, office/domestic goddess, partner in crime). Two of the girls had never placed their buns in a kayak before, much less did they know how to paddle/camp. Challenges were abound, but I was determined to overcome. Mountain Momma pride was outpouring!

We were close to loaded that morning and set off for WALMART in Flippin before launching. You know.....teenager necessities, food and lots of it. Rigged with 3 small coolers and 1 "fridge" cooler we were ready. After it quit raining!!

Finally loaded (while Mr. Russel wondered where it would all go) we launched by noon, we were off. Paddle instructions first, obedience training second and LOTS of FUN the rest of the way. Clabber Creek shoals were fun and the girls loved it. Our first challenge conquered. I then knew we would make it? I was loaded heavy as the commissary and paddled our tandem kayak while the teen girls had the mini-x's and Amy paddled the x-factor. Amy carried all the other supplies and while each girl had one bag plus their personal bags.

After about 3 miles we were well into our trip. Going thru a quick, shallow run Cate (who had the bedding bag) got hung on a submerged limb and off went the bedding. Nice one Cate! After a quick save and re-adjust we were back on. We ended up paddling 6 miles total and set camp on a gravel bar just above Horseshoe Bend. First agenda was to dry the bedding. These girls had never really "river" camped so it was up to Emory and I to get them going. They all set up tent and bed pads and I worked on the "changing room". My bed sheet was sacrificed as the screen for the potty area and I ended up in flames because I slept in the sleeping bag. That won't happen again!

Everyone survived 1st nights camp and I arose to make fruit strudels for breakfast. Started the day out right....sweets & grease! Re-adjusted the bedding bag so the tump factor wouldn't cause any damage. Everyone remembered where things went in the kayaks and we left Horseshoe Bend without a trace! The previous days rain gave us an advantage for river riding. We paddled hard all day and our goal was to see Elephant Head.We stopped to have our lunch at 1 p.m. and everyone wanted to wash their hair since we weren't in the colored water anymore. I could not convince the girls that moss was good for your hair. Oh well. We did enjoy many bluffs, shoals and deer the rest of our day.

Final arrival and many times Pocahontas spoke from me......."just around the river bend" to finally get those girls to our desired camp spot of Elephant Head (12.2 miles later). Arriving we encountered a human and it was of the "DAD" species. Emily's dad, Brian was checking on her accomplishments (and my ability...whatever!) We played it off like he wasn't there. We made it this far....right? Hey Dad, Bye Dad!

Camp setup was a cinch. Dressing room/potty area was a slight challenge, but thanks to the "navy" in my marriage I rigged up something half-rear for that area. Great supper with all done & put away by dark with an eagle flying over at sunset. The adult and semi-adult conversation was marvelous. Let alone the "river" margarita that Amy had rigged up for us.

Great times.....until.......THE COON! I warned the girls of camping in a "populated" area. Who listens to the guide anyhow? Well Mrs. Spotlight here had one in sight early on. Amy was the one to convince and it took several encounters. The last thing I heard was "let me know when you are gonna shoot"..........BOOM. He had to go. I wasn't going to spend my last night on the river babysittin vermin. Luckily, none of the girls got a pic of me keepin a tail for Amy's keepsake. Memories, Memories! What happens with a Riley.....stays with a Riley! hehe.

All in all, it was a great girl campin trip. I can't wait to take them again, even if the competitions kid goes along. Maybe the WB maw can go alongside next trip?

BTW...emory made it out alive along with the customer kid. Amy is still recovering from "CKC syndrome"(coon killin @ camp). I've researched slightly and the only cure is to revisit the experience.....Let me know if Riley's can help you with this syndrome!

Mountain Momma

Monday, June 9, 2008

Fly club outing

Hey friends,

Had a good turnout for the Mid South Fly Fishers outing this past weekend. Some folks fished on Norfork because they turned the water off. Others fished here catching bass & trout. Read the testimony of "high water" fishing at Riley's.
Hi Rileys - see attached pic of the brown I caught at the top of Smith Island Friday afternoon. We beached the boat and "waded" with 7 units running - really more like walking the island - I was standing in ankle deep still backwater when I caught it.

Not the fattest fish ever, but I think he was right at 20 inches. Caught him on an olive wooly bugger fished on a sink tip. Interesting thing was i had just caught a nice smallmouth on the same woolly just about 30 minutes earlier upriver on the Buffalo. Didn't even need to change flies! Caught a few more rainbows there also.

Can you send the pics that Miles took on our trip Thursday & Friday morning? I know David caught some really nice bass. We'll send you the rest of our smallmouth pics too.

Thanks again for a great weekend, and we'll see you soon!

-Bruce Miller & David Chipman
Well that should tell you that the fishing has been good here even with the water levels being higher than the last couple of years. The bass bite has also been great (the swimmin holes ain't too shabby either!!!)
We ended the groups trip with a pig cookout. Poor guy was dee-lish! Nothing better than smoked meat with all the trimmings while sitting on the riverbank. Thanks to all who attended and hope we can entertain the group again in the future.
Until next post
"hog smokin Mountain Momma"
P.S. Keep us in prayer for "big fish" this week. We have another Catch a dream child that arrived today and we are looking forward to helping in his dream of a trophy. Will post about that in the next few days. If you don't know about Catch a dream, look over their website

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Buffalo getaway

Hey friends,

After taking a family member to kayak float the Buffalo I came back with a plan! I informed Miles to get his gear together, we were floatin the river! The Lord afforded us a 3 day window of easy resort life so that my #1 friend/domestic/office goddess could watch over the place and the kiddos. We launched 2 kayaks at Rush on May 26th around 2 and returned to our world May 28th. It was great. We had everything but a good tent! In a dead rush to get out of here we accidentally left our tent and had to purchase one from.....WALMART.....EEEK! To say that it leaked was an understatement. We had a whopper storm come thru early Tuesday morning and Miles was out there putting my chapstick on the seams while it was raining horses & cows (not cats & dogs!) The leaking tent was funny and we learned the "Go be dry" system that they sell means to "Go be dry...somewhere other than in the tent". Oh well, river memories to share!

Tuesdays float was marvelous with the bluffs letting out the 2 1/2 " rain we had the night before. Waterfalls & Wildflowers everywhere! Our second nights camp was right in front of "Bear Bluff". We arrived to find a beautiful waterfall flowing out of the face of the bluff and an eagle perched in a tree beside it. Awesome! The wild purity of this river is just speechless when you see it. The spring flooding did do some tree cleaning along the banks, but that is the Lords way of changing the scenery for us. He knows how complacent we can get even with our surroundings!
I am now in the planning stages of another trip soon for the girls! Camping & floating from the kayaks was simple. You just need to minimize down your gear to the essentials. It definitely was easier than setting up our canvas camp that we use for Turkey or Deer trips. We even brought along our cast iron pan and cooked up some mighty good grub. Miles was sure to tell me he wasn't eating granola the entire trip. Camp cooking is probably the best part of any camp trip. It always tastes superb!
Even though we can't put our canoes/kayaks on the Buffalo for rentals, we can help you set up your gear & equipment to do a float just like ours along with shuttling to different access points. It is renewing for the mind & spirit to take the time and getaway from it all. Let us help with your next river adventure!
blessings until next post,
Mountain Momma

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Season Thanks!!!!

Hey friends,

The summer rush of visitors is upon us again. We are so thankful for our faithful customers and returning visitors. Bless you for your loyalty and excitement of Buffalo City, Arkansas!! It is a great place to return to......I can TESTIFY.

Our region of Arkansas is wonderful. I just love the whole DAM area. There is so much to see, fish, hike and ponder that I would love to keep it just to us. Oh well, I reckon we'll let ya come. :) How bout come see........the spectacular wildflowers, deer fawns, and those little yellow birds who eat all of the thistle!!! Their all great!!! Every spring evening is one of thankfulness! It is Beautiful!! High OR Low water, I love it all!!

Big fish on both rivers being caught in the last several weeks and the numbers are GREAT! We still have room available for summer dates. Keep us in mind for any upcoming outings or retreats. If any of you know the Riley's, we are willing to help plan ANY trip in the Ozarks! Give a call or email for your ESCAPE TO THE OZARKS!

blessings until next post,
Mountain Momma

Monday, May 5, 2008

No Tom for Mom

Hey friends,
Oh well. Guess that is the part of being a good guide. You put folks on deer, birds and fish while sacrificing the time that YOU could have been having the hunt or catch. The sacrifice is well worth the smiles from the kids or people!! You also get a few braggin rights and the knowledge for the "next" time.
Starting to hear reports of smallie spawn in the area. If I can squeeze some time this week I will boot out to check for myself. No kid guiding! They are on their own! We did take a family outing 2 Sundays ago and had a great time. Headed up to "Hudson Bend" on Buffalo. Toted some dogs, buns, chips, napkins, ketchup & mustard. Good Nuff'. Landed the boat on the bank, gathered some driftwood and burnt some dogs! River life! We did realize that we are officially a "2 boat" family. I had Emory, Jalen (the 1 yr old), the drink cooler and the food. I looked at Emory and said "Who needs them??? We have all of the needs...." Emory interrupted to say, "Momma, Daddy has all of the fishing equipment". Dang it. Almost had an escape! We did have a great time. Family fishing is really fun. It is more work, you just have to want to do it.

Bring your family and DO IT!!
until next post,

Mountain Momma

Monday, April 28, 2008

Ozark Mtn Tom Tales

Hey friends,

Well we finally had a chance to hit the woods on Saturday morning. Gavin and I motored up and hit the "hoot call" and they let loose. We chose the side of the river that had 2 birds. Walked and called to finally close in on this guy. We worked this bird for 2 hours with constant gobbling. Man was it fun. After the third set-up, we finally got to a spot where he felt comfortable coming down to check out this "hot hen". Gavin adjusted the shotgun and in strut....Boom! Now in the mean time I had warned Gavin of those hot turkey loads that had bit me a couple of weeks ago. Well.....he shot and both the turkey & Gavin were hoppin & floppin. He later told me it didn't kick like a mule, it was more like an elephant. Character building I call it!

Later that morning was figure out how to clean a turkey! Close friend of mine told me to "google it". Forget that. Can't be a Mountain momma unless you can clean something. Yes, I did. What a day for Miles to be guiding. It wasn't that bad actually and had fun getting all of the feathers prepared for drying. Ended the day with turkey nuggets deep fried on the riverbank. Mmmm, Mmmm Good. Made me wish that all the kids have a shotgun! Someday they will all be out there blazin the woods....I hope!
until next post,
Mountain Momma

Monday, April 21, 2008


Hey friends,

Spring in the Ozarks has sprung and the waters are great. We had an awesome weekend with guests catching record numbers of Smallmouth & Trout. 2 big browns were caught along with a release of another 200 trout. Had guys fish the Buffalo and they caught over 200 bass on day 1 and 150 on day 2. Where were you??? This big boy was let loose to be caught again.

I had to get in on some of that smallmouth action myself. It was a good time clearing the rust out of my elbow by setting the hooks! I would call that Riley physical therapy!!!
Come on over and get in on some of the fishing action! I bet you could use some physical therapy yourselves.
until next post
Mountain Momma

Thursday, April 17, 2008

High Water fish'n & catch'n

Hey friends,
We survived yet another round of rain & Buffalo risin'. Luckily the timeline of all the water hitting the area came & went at different times. We have put things back together again and Miles has sorted his stuff again and organized. If there is a major blessing about flooding, it is the organizing & throwing away that is the best!

With nearly a full house for this weekend we decided to get out and make sure the fish didn't move to New Orleans! We rigged with heavy lures & spinners. Only fished the White River for an hour or so in 30 mph winds. Did come out with several bites and a trout. So we do know that you can catch fish on 10 generators!

After learning that we can still catch a trout we changed rigs and scooted up Buffalo. Trees are blooming everywhere and the Turkey hens were out eatin the forest floor. Even after a massive flood it is still beautiful! Miles put on a carolina rig with watermelon lizard and we started drifting & dragging bottom. He lost 2 bass and ended up with a rock bass to the boat. While I did fish for little bit, I was more interested in birds. I'm just giving "Mr. Tom" a couple more days to enjoy life on the river before letting him meet my oven.

We are more than ready to see all of you again and help everyone get out and start catching fish & making memories! Thank you all again for the continued prayers and please pray for those who did receive more damage on the last round. Even burdens are blessings and we are thankful!

until next post,

Mountain Momma

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Talkin Turkey

Hey friends.

Well we survived another bout with rain and were REALLY blessed to not receive the amount of rain they were forecasting. Guess those "Non rain dances" worked. I'm thinkin it was more of the prayers!! We are well on our way out of "retirement" and back to river life.

Youth hunt opened Saturday and after sleeping in, Gavin and I took off for the afternoon. Sunshine, cool breezes and a shotgun! What else could a girl want. Ok, I just got to carry the gun. Gavin got to hold it the whole time while I did the work. Had a few afternoon gobbles and then we were visited by 3 young hens checkin us out. After finding some birds we went for a river "turkey calling" float. That's where you cruise up the river, shut off the motor and call from the boat. It is fun and along those bluffs it sounds more like "Turkeyzilla". Well the afternoon ended with us target practicing on some river vermin and Mountain Momma getting a good lesson on setting the shotgun properly on the shoulder behind a "hot" turkey load. No heavy lifting for a least 2 more days. Guess it is just light beer! boo-hoo
We did get out at daylight this morning and climbed to the top of "Turkey Mountain". It was a magnificent sunrise with heavy fog on the rivers. Almost too heavy. It really hindered visibility and kept the birds tight-beaked. After taking a rest from walking and light calling, we realized the gobbler was at the bottom of the "other" hill, we then decided to sit on a rock and enjoy the view. Meanwhile, a sneaky jake and hen crept up the hill and we did not see them until TOO LATE~ Lesson learned was to look close, not far away! With the prescribed burn last year, there is a lot of new scrub brush about 3 ft high up there and those birds walked right in on us without a PUTT, PUTT, PUTT.
Regular season opens this coming weekend so hopefully we can get back out there. All the calls are ready and shotguns are cleaned. Good water to get up river for chasin birds.

until next post
Turkey Trottin "Mountain Momma"

Saturday, March 29, 2008

RETIRED, We are...I reckon!

RETIRED-That is where you are tired and then you worked more and got RETIRED. I would say that we are now retired. After a 7 hour nap we will be better, I'm sure. We are takin it easy this evening and enjoying it! We are very thankful for all of the friends help, but I really hope nobody shows up to work tomorrow! If it floods they will come. Thank the Lord! Kinda have a hitch in my get-a-long and it needs a rest. I know the Lord will provide and we will rest on that!
Many have asked "Where did the animals go?" Well, our Ass got to rest at his birthplace down at the end of the road. Emory and I moved him at 2 a.m. after being nearly landlocked at the barn. Had to wade thru the water and learned that jackasses don't like lightning either! We first tied him up at the Bunk lodge porch with us while we worked. Had to get him out of there.
Zippy and Sugar took refuge in the office on the couch. Lucky dogs! Below is the pic of where chickens go in floods. I would say that the dogs are a lot more giving than I am.
With all that has happened we have enjoyed the fellowship with friends & emails from everyone we haven't talked to in awhile. It is very humbling to know how many people really love us. It ain't just the river. (maybe the river has a little to do with it!) We are blessed to live here and enjoy the surroundings and YOU! Thanks and May the Lord bless you.

many blessings from the RETIRED "Mountain Momma"

p.s. still keepin my ears to the hills for Mr. Tom. keepin my eyes on the tattle tale crows for updates! getting camo on mine & gavins shotguns.

Sorry for delay in update

For the many friends and loved ones who came to our aid with prayers, thoughts, resources & labor .....THANK YOU! It humbles me to know the Riley's have a group of friends that are genuinely concerned for the well being of our family. We thank the Lord for all of you! And please know that our thoughts & prayers are with you as well.

The Bunk Lodge and Loft will be restored by next weekend. Thank you again! There is no way we could have gotten restored this fast without your help.

You know the interesting point for me, in this whole event, is the amount of peace we have had as a family. Not saying it hasn't been burdensome & expensive.....but the attitude of thanksgiving that the Lord gave us the day it started raining & the day it stopped has kept our laughter & spirits high. I have to keep reminding myself that complaining doesn't accomplish a damn thing! Thank you Lord and friends!

I have to admit, we are worn out.

Mountain Momma & I decided the family was taking sunday off...the ox is out of the ditch. If we don't answer the phone sunday, we are probably taking a nap or fishing. Leave a message and we will call you back monday.

Another day in the classroom of "Count it all Joy".

By the way, the birds are waking up and the fish are hungry. Please come see us this year and tell others where they can catch fish and make friends in the Ozarks.



Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No sandbags here, NEED FISHERFOLKS!

Anyone want to go fishin??We need you to!Even with the recent flooding, we are close to being back on track.Bunk Lodge will be back together by Friday March 28th (just 10 days after the crest)The Loft should be close by early next week (no foolin!)Lots of friends have been helping, we are burning the candles at both ends and we are GETTIN R DONE!We need everyone out there to help us get rid of the bad press the White River is receiving.As you can see from the photos, it is back to normal!We will have higher water to fish this year, but that is normal of the White & Buffalo Rivers in spring time anyhow.Fish are jumpin, Blue herons are eating and the Turkeys are gobbling.Where are you???
Thanks for the continued prayers and support for our family and the river community.

Until next post

No Sandbaggin' Mountain Momma Riley

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Rileys were half way under water.

Friends & Guests,

Thanks for the prayers, love , hugs, food, kindness, generosity, friendship & loyalty to our family. It is deeply felt & appreciated.
Many have asked, "What can I do to help?" There are things we still need.
First, prayers of thanksgiving for all of our families & the obvious blessings & health, that we all enjoy, by the grace of our Lord Jesus.
Secondly, remembering us in your thoughts & prayers during this event in our family & business life.
We can see a point where the financial damage of this flood could affect us. Please encourage the people you know to come & enjoy the river with us this year. A solid calender would be very helpful. The fishing will be very good but I'll bet you will need a boat most of the summer.
Our physical losses have been minimal...considering!! (The mud is thick)
6' of river in the Bunk Lodge (loss of some housewares & bedding, not sure about appliances, new entry doors, more....)
6' of river in our basement & tool room. (appliances & some furniture, blown out basement wall, power tools? hardware? personal stuff?.....)
2' of river in the loft. (re-insulate walls & floors, remodel kithchen & bath)
15' of river in the playground (damage to club house & swing set)
For those who feel financial giving is in their heart, two of our friends & their families have opened a benefit account for us at First Security Bank. The account is set up under the name of Chris Grothe @ Riley's Station Resort Benefit Account. Any donations would be much appreciated and can be done by electronic wire or regular mail. Here is the info you'll need. Routing # - 082901538
Account # - 102129428.
The mailing address is First Security Bank, P.O. Box 1906, Mtn. Home, AR 72654.
We know the Lord promised that He would not give us more than we can bear & He will see us through this as well.
We are also going to see what the government has to offer, but I bet that could take some time.
Thanks for the wonderful friendships, relationships, & Love for our family.
p.s. Pray for John & Ilene Olwell & family at White Buffalo Resort (New owners). Consider what you might do to help them. There # is 870-425-8555.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Buffalo cruise

Hellooooooooooo. Yes a few days passed since last post, but I always have a good excuse? We took a hurried trip down to Huntsville Alabama to see Jackson Browne in concert March 10. So, we had many chores to get done before the owned left the paradise here in Buffalo City. Great trip, but as most....too short. Miles and I had a visit from his youngest brother over the weekend and was a really great excuse for us to take a Buffalo cruise.

A Buffalo cruise is generally our first real trip out on the river every year. Yes, we fish during the cold months and do guide trips for the hard core regulars in February, but this is normally our one day to just CRUISE. Man, was it nice. Water was snow-runoff green, trees had a few buds starting and the creeks were flowing. No worries about hitting rocks either!

Took a short hike around Cow Creek looking for an old cemetary. Never found it. Oh well, I wasn't real excited about headstones anyhow. I did scour the ground for deer sheds. Still haven't found one. We did find some antique farm equipment. I think it was a hay rake. Pretty cool. I bet they sell those things on ebay for some $$$$. I'd love to be a fly on a stump watching them get that thing out of there!!!!!!!!!

Just takin a minute to share. Until next post I'm keepin my ear to the hills for Mr. Tom to say when he is ready for Giblet gravy!

Mountain Momma

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March Madness??

Has been a day or 10 since last post. It isn't like I have nothing else to do..... We all know I do, but it is time for some Riley blab.

Looking forward to the "normal ?" March crowd starting this weekend. Everyone has a good time, catches fish and leaves with another memory of the rivers. That is what it is all about. We love the dedication of our repeat customers and how they show so much thought towards our family and business. Thank you!

I haven't gotten alot of word about the shad kill. Maybe it will be later than normal this year? There have been some coming thru, but it is spotty. They have been running decent water daily. We are also dealing with the swollen Buffalo today and should be back to normal levels by Friday, Mar 7th. I would expect a great fishing weekend with the semi-stained waters. I love to see it when the Buffalo River has a brown color from rains and then they run water on the White River. It causes it to really expose the two rivers being right out front.

Until next post. I will be here keeping an ear out for a turkey and preparing the facility for your return! (turkey season is soon, I wasn't talking about a kid!)

"Mountain Momma"

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring is NEAR HERE

Only 28 days left until the OFFICIAL DAY OF SPRING! I Can't Wait.....what about you? We are in another ICE-A-ROMA frame today and tomorrow. Not sure how many more drab days OR office work I can take. I did burn a pile of wet leaves yesterday. That was refreshing.......NOT......(I'm not complaining.) At least I was outside, right?

No updated news on the shad kill as of yet. I have been checking webs and guide reports. When we do get a "lively" shad update our plan is to hit the waters up river just for fun! Maybe that would be considered a Riley date. Maybe you should take one too...?....we have cabins open thru the first weekend of March. Check with us on the other months upcoming.

I will be in touch on the fishin. Our new website should be posted within 2-3 weeks. Exciting. Our older version is great, but you only change things to the BEST (right?). Wait and see!!!! All of those questions that you want to ask and the ones that you need to ask will be answered..........ooooooohhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhh. Fishin, huntin, campin, outdoors.......Oh My!

until next post.

Mountain Momma

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Cabin FEVER!

I think I have full understanding now as why the Liquor stores in Alaska were open 24 hours! The nursery rhyme "Rain, Rain go away...." keeps playing thru my head. Attempted to tie some white jigs for shad kill fishing. Need to retrain myself on fly tying apparently OR just go buy the things.

Visions of trout jumping in my head. Until next time.

Mountain Momma
hmmmm, maybe I'll clean my shotgun and think of Turkeys!

BRRRRR! Plenty of weather roller coasters for February. Hot/Cold, Windy/Rainy, Icy/Sunny. Pick one would ya? Took this pic on the way to town. Iced trees. Makes everything look clean & crisp.

Looking forward to a great spring. Should have plenty of water to run the rivers. Can't wait for a warm day to fish.

Be blogging later.

Mountain Momma

Rookie Blogger

We finally have a blog..........I guess this could be the begginings of a blogging family. I haven't neccessarily decided if I'm excited about blogging or not.
Blog by Wikipedia definition is ---

"A blog (a portmanteau of web log) is a website where entries are commonly displayed in reverse chronological order. "Blog" can also be used as a verb, meaning to maintain or add content to a blog.
Many blogs provide commentary or news on a particular subject; others function as more personal online diaries. A typical blog combines text, images, and links to other blogs, web pages, and other media related to its topic. The ability for readers to leave comments in an interactive format is an important part of many blogs. Most blogs are primarily textual, although some focus on art (artlog), photographs (photoblog), sketchblog, videos (vlog), music (MP3 blog), audio (podcasting) are part of a wider network of social media. Micro-blogging is another type of blogging which consists of blogs with very short posts. As of December 2007, blog search engine Technorati was tracking more than 112 million blogs.[1]

The modern blog evolved from the online diary, where people would keep a running account of their personal lives. Most such writers called themselves diarists, journalists, or journalers. A few called themselves "escribitionists".

Early weblogs were simply manually updated components of common websites. However, the evolution of tools to facilitate the production and maintenance of web articles posted in reverse chronological order made the publishing process feasible to a much larger, less technical, population."
Miles' definition- "A free place to publish a diary or a journal to the public, with a whole lotta technical flash to better express your opinion, agenda or ramblings of the mind.
I think this could be conditionally healthy.... Everyone has somehthing to say. The question is "How big is your audience? or Does it really matter?"
As long as we have a forum to openly express ourselves .....
So far in this very short message with a little bit of techno cutting and pasting, I have found blogging enjoyable and interesting. I need to learn to type at the same rate that I think.
Now if I can just figure out how to put a picture on this thing!
Until next time.....BYKOTA

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good morning from Buffalo City!
Happy Valentines Day to all the girls in my life that I love so much!
Love Daddy