Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No sandbags here, NEED FISHERFOLKS!

Anyone want to go fishin??We need you to!Even with the recent flooding, we are close to being back on track.Bunk Lodge will be back together by Friday March 28th (just 10 days after the crest)The Loft should be close by early next week (no foolin!)Lots of friends have been helping, we are burning the candles at both ends and we are GETTIN R DONE!We need everyone out there to help us get rid of the bad press the White River is receiving.As you can see from the photos, it is back to normal!We will have higher water to fish this year, but that is normal of the White & Buffalo Rivers in spring time anyhow.Fish are jumpin, Blue herons are eating and the Turkeys are gobbling.Where are you???
Thanks for the continued prayers and support for our family and the river community.

Until next post

No Sandbaggin' Mountain Momma Riley

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Big Mac said...

Ok.....5th try...Not sure bout this bloggin Mountain Mamma...
Anyway, sent yall a couple e-mails.
Wish we were closer to help out.
We know all too well about high water.
Wish I were there to help out with Mr
Tom too !!!
I keep saying I'm gonna make a hunt one of these times when I'm up there.
Will defintely have to do that !!
yall keep in touch with the progress.
Our thoughts and prayers are with all of you and your neighbors.
Rick & Nadine