Saturday, March 29, 2008

RETIRED, We are...I reckon!

RETIRED-That is where you are tired and then you worked more and got RETIRED. I would say that we are now retired. After a 7 hour nap we will be better, I'm sure. We are takin it easy this evening and enjoying it! We are very thankful for all of the friends help, but I really hope nobody shows up to work tomorrow! If it floods they will come. Thank the Lord! Kinda have a hitch in my get-a-long and it needs a rest. I know the Lord will provide and we will rest on that!
Many have asked "Where did the animals go?" Well, our Ass got to rest at his birthplace down at the end of the road. Emory and I moved him at 2 a.m. after being nearly landlocked at the barn. Had to wade thru the water and learned that jackasses don't like lightning either! We first tied him up at the Bunk lodge porch with us while we worked. Had to get him out of there.
Zippy and Sugar took refuge in the office on the couch. Lucky dogs! Below is the pic of where chickens go in floods. I would say that the dogs are a lot more giving than I am.
With all that has happened we have enjoyed the fellowship with friends & emails from everyone we haven't talked to in awhile. It is very humbling to know how many people really love us. It ain't just the river. (maybe the river has a little to do with it!) We are blessed to live here and enjoy the surroundings and YOU! Thanks and May the Lord bless you.

many blessings from the RETIRED "Mountain Momma"

p.s. still keepin my ears to the hills for Mr. Tom. keepin my eyes on the tattle tale crows for updates! getting camo on mine & gavins shotguns.


Big Mac said...

Ok....Nuff of rest, get up and go to work, or better, or hunting !
Glad your spirits are up...thats how I got (uh-h-h, still gettin)thru the Katrina mess.
We think about yall and the place all the time....We'll be back, just trying to figure out when.
Til next post....

WhoDave said...

Is that a Chickengloo? I've heard that sellin' ice cream to Eskimos took a good salesman, but selling chickens on igloos for a henhouse is some real slick talkin', especially in Zippy and Sugar's crib.