Monday, March 24, 2008

The Rileys were half way under water.

Friends & Guests,

Thanks for the prayers, love , hugs, food, kindness, generosity, friendship & loyalty to our family. It is deeply felt & appreciated.
Many have asked, "What can I do to help?" There are things we still need.
First, prayers of thanksgiving for all of our families & the obvious blessings & health, that we all enjoy, by the grace of our Lord Jesus.
Secondly, remembering us in your thoughts & prayers during this event in our family & business life.
We can see a point where the financial damage of this flood could affect us. Please encourage the people you know to come & enjoy the river with us this year. A solid calender would be very helpful. The fishing will be very good but I'll bet you will need a boat most of the summer.
Our physical losses have been minimal...considering!! (The mud is thick)
6' of river in the Bunk Lodge (loss of some housewares & bedding, not sure about appliances, new entry doors, more....)
6' of river in our basement & tool room. (appliances & some furniture, blown out basement wall, power tools? hardware? personal stuff?.....)
2' of river in the loft. (re-insulate walls & floors, remodel kithchen & bath)
15' of river in the playground (damage to club house & swing set)
For those who feel financial giving is in their heart, two of our friends & their families have opened a benefit account for us at First Security Bank. The account is set up under the name of Chris Grothe @ Riley's Station Resort Benefit Account. Any donations would be much appreciated and can be done by electronic wire or regular mail. Here is the info you'll need. Routing # - 082901538
Account # - 102129428.
The mailing address is First Security Bank, P.O. Box 1906, Mtn. Home, AR 72654.
We know the Lord promised that He would not give us more than we can bear & He will see us through this as well.
We are also going to see what the government has to offer, but I bet that could take some time.
Thanks for the wonderful friendships, relationships, & Love for our family.
p.s. Pray for John & Ilene Olwell & family at White Buffalo Resort (New owners). Consider what you might do to help them. There # is 870-425-8555.

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WhoDave said...

I was fortunate (unfortunate?)enough to be at Riley's Station during this flood. I chipped in with the Rileys and Brett & Kristen Smith and some of the fine local folks and we gave sandbagging the Bunk Lodge and the Riley's basement our best shot, even though in the end, the rising waters won out and blew out our sand castle. Or as my favorite hillbilly Billy said "Dave, I don't want to hurt Miles and Michelle's spirit, but I think we're rearrangin' chairs on the Titanic". 6' of water in the Bunk Lodge and their basement with floating appliances and furniture should've been enough to dampen even the highest spirits, but Miles and Michelle kept their heads up (they had no choice, the water was too deep). We stayed up all night and filled sand bags and hauled them up and down hills, through muddy, smelly water and somehow, through it all, I gained even more respect for Miles and Michelle. At the darkest time, through all of this, Miles says to me, "Well, at least my kids are healthy". His undying optimism is a sometimes overwhelming. They deserve better for all their hard work, hard times and for all their giving. They live right and they treat people right. I feel sure that they'll receive some reward since what goes around, comes around, but for sure in the end, they'll receive the ultimate reward. In the meantime, everyone come see them and bring a friend or two, you won't regret it. The river continues to clear, even though the water's still up and the fishing has been great. I was up this week and the fish are hungry and lonely. The river received some undeserved bad press, as it bounced back very quickly after the flood. The river's empty and the weather's been great, so this is an excellent time to fish.