Saturday, March 29, 2008

Sorry for delay in update

For the many friends and loved ones who came to our aid with prayers, thoughts, resources & labor .....THANK YOU! It humbles me to know the Riley's have a group of friends that are genuinely concerned for the well being of our family. We thank the Lord for all of you! And please know that our thoughts & prayers are with you as well.

The Bunk Lodge and Loft will be restored by next weekend. Thank you again! There is no way we could have gotten restored this fast without your help.

You know the interesting point for me, in this whole event, is the amount of peace we have had as a family. Not saying it hasn't been burdensome & expensive.....but the attitude of thanksgiving that the Lord gave us the day it started raining & the day it stopped has kept our laughter & spirits high. I have to keep reminding myself that complaining doesn't accomplish a damn thing! Thank you Lord and friends!

I have to admit, we are worn out.

Mountain Momma & I decided the family was taking sunday off...the ox is out of the ditch. If we don't answer the phone sunday, we are probably taking a nap or fishing. Leave a message and we will call you back monday.

Another day in the classroom of "Count it all Joy".

By the way, the birds are waking up and the fish are hungry. Please come see us this year and tell others where they can catch fish and make friends in the Ozarks.



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