Sunday, April 6, 2008

Talkin Turkey

Hey friends.

Well we survived another bout with rain and were REALLY blessed to not receive the amount of rain they were forecasting. Guess those "Non rain dances" worked. I'm thinkin it was more of the prayers!! We are well on our way out of "retirement" and back to river life.

Youth hunt opened Saturday and after sleeping in, Gavin and I took off for the afternoon. Sunshine, cool breezes and a shotgun! What else could a girl want. Ok, I just got to carry the gun. Gavin got to hold it the whole time while I did the work. Had a few afternoon gobbles and then we were visited by 3 young hens checkin us out. After finding some birds we went for a river "turkey calling" float. That's where you cruise up the river, shut off the motor and call from the boat. It is fun and along those bluffs it sounds more like "Turkeyzilla". Well the afternoon ended with us target practicing on some river vermin and Mountain Momma getting a good lesson on setting the shotgun properly on the shoulder behind a "hot" turkey load. No heavy lifting for a least 2 more days. Guess it is just light beer! boo-hoo
We did get out at daylight this morning and climbed to the top of "Turkey Mountain". It was a magnificent sunrise with heavy fog on the rivers. Almost too heavy. It really hindered visibility and kept the birds tight-beaked. After taking a rest from walking and light calling, we realized the gobbler was at the bottom of the "other" hill, we then decided to sit on a rock and enjoy the view. Meanwhile, a sneaky jake and hen crept up the hill and we did not see them until TOO LATE~ Lesson learned was to look close, not far away! With the prescribed burn last year, there is a lot of new scrub brush about 3 ft high up there and those birds walked right in on us without a PUTT, PUTT, PUTT.
Regular season opens this coming weekend so hopefully we can get back out there. All the calls are ready and shotguns are cleaned. Good water to get up river for chasin birds.

until next post
Turkey Trottin "Mountain Momma"

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Big Mac said...

Ok..So any Tom's yet Momma?
I'm trying to make a "sneak" MC trip to Arkansas but not sure if Steve and I will get up that way. Hell, I'm not sure I'll get to Hot Springs with all this water !!!!!!!!!!!!
I keep watching the weather, but a a 10 day forcast is REAL questionable and then trying to see what roads may be closed. Trying to do some type of loop out of Hot Springs, looking for the curves, ya know.......what a mess.........