Thursday, May 15, 2008

Summer Season Thanks!!!!

Hey friends,

The summer rush of visitors is upon us again. We are so thankful for our faithful customers and returning visitors. Bless you for your loyalty and excitement of Buffalo City, Arkansas!! It is a great place to return to......I can TESTIFY.

Our region of Arkansas is wonderful. I just love the whole DAM area. There is so much to see, fish, hike and ponder that I would love to keep it just to us. Oh well, I reckon we'll let ya come. :) How bout come see........the spectacular wildflowers, deer fawns, and those little yellow birds who eat all of the thistle!!! Their all great!!! Every spring evening is one of thankfulness! It is Beautiful!! High OR Low water, I love it all!!

Big fish on both rivers being caught in the last several weeks and the numbers are GREAT! We still have room available for summer dates. Keep us in mind for any upcoming outings or retreats. If any of you know the Riley's, we are willing to help plan ANY trip in the Ozarks! Give a call or email for your ESCAPE TO THE OZARKS!

blessings until next post,
Mountain Momma

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