Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Our DAM float

Well yes, we did a dam float. That is...we floated from the Bull Shoals dam back to Riley's Station. Oh, it wasn't that long OR scary. Matter of DAM fact, it was great!

This trip was to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. The plan was to have another day long float with a wonderful camp trip involved.

Itenerary...float 32 miles from Bull Shoals launch area to Buffalo City and paddle ourselves into Buffalo River for one night camp. Did we succeed??? That is the whole senario of a bear poopin in the woods thing. Of course we did!

Launching at 9 a.m. carrying our 1 nights gear inside our X factor kayaks we started our float by forgetting batteries. Where else to stop but Gastons? We paddled right up to the dock to be welcomed by dock hand Bubba while Miles and I strolled the tourist shopping area. We did find some trinkets for Amy and the needed camera batteries.

Recording docks, homes and boat landings. It very quickly made us thankful for our area while appreciating others blessings. Isn't that they way it should be?

We arrived in BC by 5 p.m to paddle upstream to our campspot. Yes...nobody there. Always a happy campers desire! Good food to be started and then a suprise visit from another married couple. Little did they know we would be escaping at the same time. Oh well, call it chance, but it was a good visit. River rats are good folks, no matter what!

Let us help you with your anniversary ESCAPE! I can pull a few more ideas out of my hat just for you!

Mountain Momma
"dam kayak'r"

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