Thursday, October 2, 2008

Guide in training

Hey all,

It isn't very often that one will admit that your "kid" whooped you on fishing, but this was the case for me. I had threatened several times this summer to just head up to Crooked Creek from the dock and wear some bass out. That was my attempt...I soon learned!

Gavin and I jetted out of the dock headed up to Crooked against the 8 generators. We took boat #10, it seems to be the fastest (at least that is what Dave from Memphis says!) We timed our trip being 37 minutes which I thought was pretty quick. Maybe ol' Dave was right? We were both armed with Zoom lizards and Yum crawdads. Our first goal was to motor up as far as we could go (my mind is still thinking of kayak'n that section) We ended up going approx 3 1/2 miles with the clarity being the worst the closer we drifted to the confluence on the White River.

Far enough, lets fish. The bite did seem to be a little slow and the bottom of the creek was moving fast so I anchored off a ledge. I missed one, then another, then another. I started thinking my L.O.F.T. was off (that is Lack Of Frigging Talent). Well I'm sure it was!

Gavin proved it by landing this nice creek smallie about 2 1/2 pounds. Good one boy, now its my turn. I tell you my turn never came and he caught a couple more and all I hooked was a gar. That 10 second catch would have to suffice me. Fine, lets head out to the White and drift home for trout. Well he wore me out on the trout and also fished a way that I never thought would catch fish.
We ended up with one limit of the gov't fish to feed these starving girls. Miles wasn't home that day and I even had to clean them! I was huntin' a hole to hide in and I made sure that he cleaned the boat out. I had to redeem myself somehow!?

Thank the Lord there can be another time for me to "whoop" him. Can't let the lil' guy get to boisterous!

Until next post,
"Bass-shamed" Mountain Momma

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