Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring is NEAR HERE

Only 28 days left until the OFFICIAL DAY OF SPRING! I Can't Wait.....what about you? We are in another ICE-A-ROMA frame today and tomorrow. Not sure how many more drab days OR office work I can take. I did burn a pile of wet leaves yesterday. That was refreshing.......NOT......(I'm not complaining.) At least I was outside, right?

No updated news on the shad kill as of yet. I have been checking webs and guide reports. When we do get a "lively" shad update our plan is to hit the waters up river just for fun! Maybe that would be considered a Riley date. Maybe you should take one too...?....we have cabins open thru the first weekend of March. Check with us on the other months upcoming.

I will be in touch on the fishin. Our new website should be posted within 2-3 weeks. Exciting. Our older version is great, but you only change things to the BEST (right?). Wait and see!!!! All of those questions that you want to ask and the ones that you need to ask will be answered..........ooooooohhhhhh, aaaaaahhhhhh. Fishin, huntin, campin, outdoors.......Oh My!

until next post.

Mountain Momma