Wednesday, March 5, 2008

March Madness??

Has been a day or 10 since last post. It isn't like I have nothing else to do..... We all know I do, but it is time for some Riley blab.

Looking forward to the "normal ?" March crowd starting this weekend. Everyone has a good time, catches fish and leaves with another memory of the rivers. That is what it is all about. We love the dedication of our repeat customers and how they show so much thought towards our family and business. Thank you!

I haven't gotten alot of word about the shad kill. Maybe it will be later than normal this year? There have been some coming thru, but it is spotty. They have been running decent water daily. We are also dealing with the swollen Buffalo today and should be back to normal levels by Friday, Mar 7th. I would expect a great fishing weekend with the semi-stained waters. I love to see it when the Buffalo River has a brown color from rains and then they run water on the White River. It causes it to really expose the two rivers being right out front.

Until next post. I will be here keeping an ear out for a turkey and preparing the facility for your return! (turkey season is soon, I wasn't talking about a kid!)

"Mountain Momma"