Monday, March 17, 2008

Buffalo cruise

Hellooooooooooo. Yes a few days passed since last post, but I always have a good excuse? We took a hurried trip down to Huntsville Alabama to see Jackson Browne in concert March 10. So, we had many chores to get done before the owned left the paradise here in Buffalo City. Great trip, but as most....too short. Miles and I had a visit from his youngest brother over the weekend and was a really great excuse for us to take a Buffalo cruise.

A Buffalo cruise is generally our first real trip out on the river every year. Yes, we fish during the cold months and do guide trips for the hard core regulars in February, but this is normally our one day to just CRUISE. Man, was it nice. Water was snow-runoff green, trees had a few buds starting and the creeks were flowing. No worries about hitting rocks either!

Took a short hike around Cow Creek looking for an old cemetary. Never found it. Oh well, I wasn't real excited about headstones anyhow. I did scour the ground for deer sheds. Still haven't found one. We did find some antique farm equipment. I think it was a hay rake. Pretty cool. I bet they sell those things on ebay for some $$$$. I'd love to be a fly on a stump watching them get that thing out of there!!!!!!!!!

Just takin a minute to share. Until next post I'm keepin my ear to the hills for Mr. Tom to say when he is ready for Giblet gravy!

Mountain Momma