Saturday, March 29, 2008

RETIRED, We are...I reckon!

RETIRED-That is where you are tired and then you worked more and got RETIRED. I would say that we are now retired. After a 7 hour nap we will be better, I'm sure. We are takin it easy this evening and enjoying it! We are very thankful for all of the friends help, but I really hope nobody shows up to work tomorrow! If it floods they will come. Thank the Lord! Kinda have a hitch in my get-a-long and it needs a rest. I know the Lord will provide and we will rest on that!
Many have asked "Where did the animals go?" Well, our Ass got to rest at his birthplace down at the end of the road. Emory and I moved him at 2 a.m. after being nearly landlocked at the barn. Had to wade thru the water and learned that jackasses don't like lightning either! We first tied him up at the Bunk lodge porch with us while we worked. Had to get him out of there.
Zippy and Sugar took refuge in the office on the couch. Lucky dogs! Below is the pic of where chickens go in floods. I would say that the dogs are a lot more giving than I am.
With all that has happened we have enjoyed the fellowship with friends & emails from everyone we haven't talked to in awhile. It is very humbling to know how many people really love us. It ain't just the river. (maybe the river has a little to do with it!) We are blessed to live here and enjoy the surroundings and YOU! Thanks and May the Lord bless you.

many blessings from the RETIRED "Mountain Momma"

p.s. still keepin my ears to the hills for Mr. Tom. keepin my eyes on the tattle tale crows for updates! getting camo on mine & gavins shotguns.

Sorry for delay in update

For the many friends and loved ones who came to our aid with prayers, thoughts, resources & labor .....THANK YOU! It humbles me to know the Riley's have a group of friends that are genuinely concerned for the well being of our family. We thank the Lord for all of you! And please know that our thoughts & prayers are with you as well.

The Bunk Lodge and Loft will be restored by next weekend. Thank you again! There is no way we could have gotten restored this fast without your help.

You know the interesting point for me, in this whole event, is the amount of peace we have had as a family. Not saying it hasn't been burdensome & expensive.....but the attitude of thanksgiving that the Lord gave us the day it started raining & the day it stopped has kept our laughter & spirits high. I have to keep reminding myself that complaining doesn't accomplish a damn thing! Thank you Lord and friends!

I have to admit, we are worn out.

Mountain Momma & I decided the family was taking sunday off...the ox is out of the ditch. If we don't answer the phone sunday, we are probably taking a nap or fishing. Leave a message and we will call you back monday.

Another day in the classroom of "Count it all Joy".

By the way, the birds are waking up and the fish are hungry. Please come see us this year and tell others where they can catch fish and make friends in the Ozarks.



Tuesday, March 25, 2008

No sandbags here, NEED FISHERFOLKS!

Anyone want to go fishin??We need you to!Even with the recent flooding, we are close to being back on track.Bunk Lodge will be back together by Friday March 28th (just 10 days after the crest)The Loft should be close by early next week (no foolin!)Lots of friends have been helping, we are burning the candles at both ends and we are GETTIN R DONE!We need everyone out there to help us get rid of the bad press the White River is receiving.As you can see from the photos, it is back to normal!We will have higher water to fish this year, but that is normal of the White & Buffalo Rivers in spring time anyhow.Fish are jumpin, Blue herons are eating and the Turkeys are gobbling.Where are you???
Thanks for the continued prayers and support for our family and the river community.

Until next post

No Sandbaggin' Mountain Momma Riley

Monday, March 24, 2008

The Rileys were half way under water.

Friends & Guests,

Thanks for the prayers, love , hugs, food, kindness, generosity, friendship & loyalty to our family. It is deeply felt & appreciated.
Many have asked, "What can I do to help?" There are things we still need.
First, prayers of thanksgiving for all of our families & the obvious blessings & health, that we all enjoy, by the grace of our Lord Jesus.
Secondly, remembering us in your thoughts & prayers during this event in our family & business life.
We can see a point where the financial damage of this flood could affect us. Please encourage the people you know to come & enjoy the river with us this year. A solid calender would be very helpful. The fishing will be very good but I'll bet you will need a boat most of the summer.
Our physical losses have been minimal...considering!! (The mud is thick)
6' of river in the Bunk Lodge (loss of some housewares & bedding, not sure about appliances, new entry doors, more....)
6' of river in our basement & tool room. (appliances & some furniture, blown out basement wall, power tools? hardware? personal stuff?.....)
2' of river in the loft. (re-insulate walls & floors, remodel kithchen & bath)
15' of river in the playground (damage to club house & swing set)
For those who feel financial giving is in their heart, two of our friends & their families have opened a benefit account for us at First Security Bank. The account is set up under the name of Chris Grothe @ Riley's Station Resort Benefit Account. Any donations would be much appreciated and can be done by electronic wire or regular mail. Here is the info you'll need. Routing # - 082901538
Account # - 102129428.
The mailing address is First Security Bank, P.O. Box 1906, Mtn. Home, AR 72654.
We know the Lord promised that He would not give us more than we can bear & He will see us through this as well.
We are also going to see what the government has to offer, but I bet that could take some time.
Thanks for the wonderful friendships, relationships, & Love for our family.
p.s. Pray for John & Ilene Olwell & family at White Buffalo Resort (New owners). Consider what you might do to help them. There # is 870-425-8555.