Thursday, April 17, 2008

High Water fish'n & catch'n

Hey friends,
We survived yet another round of rain & Buffalo risin'. Luckily the timeline of all the water hitting the area came & went at different times. We have put things back together again and Miles has sorted his stuff again and organized. If there is a major blessing about flooding, it is the organizing & throwing away that is the best!

With nearly a full house for this weekend we decided to get out and make sure the fish didn't move to New Orleans! We rigged with heavy lures & spinners. Only fished the White River for an hour or so in 30 mph winds. Did come out with several bites and a trout. So we do know that you can catch fish on 10 generators!

After learning that we can still catch a trout we changed rigs and scooted up Buffalo. Trees are blooming everywhere and the Turkey hens were out eatin the forest floor. Even after a massive flood it is still beautiful! Miles put on a carolina rig with watermelon lizard and we started drifting & dragging bottom. He lost 2 bass and ended up with a rock bass to the boat. While I did fish for little bit, I was more interested in birds. I'm just giving "Mr. Tom" a couple more days to enjoy life on the river before letting him meet my oven.

We are more than ready to see all of you again and help everyone get out and start catching fish & making memories! Thank you all again for the continued prayers and please pray for those who did receive more damage on the last round. Even burdens are blessings and we are thankful!

until next post,

Mountain Momma