Monday, April 28, 2008

Ozark Mtn Tom Tales

Hey friends,

Well we finally had a chance to hit the woods on Saturday morning. Gavin and I motored up and hit the "hoot call" and they let loose. We chose the side of the river that had 2 birds. Walked and called to finally close in on this guy. We worked this bird for 2 hours with constant gobbling. Man was it fun. After the third set-up, we finally got to a spot where he felt comfortable coming down to check out this "hot hen". Gavin adjusted the shotgun and in strut....Boom! Now in the mean time I had warned Gavin of those hot turkey loads that had bit me a couple of weeks ago. Well.....he shot and both the turkey & Gavin were hoppin & floppin. He later told me it didn't kick like a mule, it was more like an elephant. Character building I call it!

Later that morning was figure out how to clean a turkey! Close friend of mine told me to "google it". Forget that. Can't be a Mountain momma unless you can clean something. Yes, I did. What a day for Miles to be guiding. It wasn't that bad actually and had fun getting all of the feathers prepared for drying. Ended the day with turkey nuggets deep fried on the riverbank. Mmmm, Mmmm Good. Made me wish that all the kids have a shotgun! Someday they will all be out there blazin the woods....I hope!
until next post,
Mountain Momma