Monday, May 5, 2008

No Tom for Mom

Hey friends,
Oh well. Guess that is the part of being a good guide. You put folks on deer, birds and fish while sacrificing the time that YOU could have been having the hunt or catch. The sacrifice is well worth the smiles from the kids or people!! You also get a few braggin rights and the knowledge for the "next" time.
Starting to hear reports of smallie spawn in the area. If I can squeeze some time this week I will boot out to check for myself. No kid guiding! They are on their own! We did take a family outing 2 Sundays ago and had a great time. Headed up to "Hudson Bend" on Buffalo. Toted some dogs, buns, chips, napkins, ketchup & mustard. Good Nuff'. Landed the boat on the bank, gathered some driftwood and burnt some dogs! River life! We did realize that we are officially a "2 boat" family. I had Emory, Jalen (the 1 yr old), the drink cooler and the food. I looked at Emory and said "Who needs them??? We have all of the needs...." Emory interrupted to say, "Momma, Daddy has all of the fishing equipment". Dang it. Almost had an escape! We did have a great time. Family fishing is really fun. It is more work, you just have to want to do it.

Bring your family and DO IT!!
until next post,

Mountain Momma