Monday, February 16, 2009

Belated blogger!

Hey friends,

Pert near been awhile since last post! Winter has been long & dreary here. Just recovered from a massive ice storm but our facility is intact & ready for the "tourist shuffle".

Gavin & I enjoyed deer season (even though the wind was tough on us all season!) Josie got a chance at hunting & did well (no deer, just did well) Meat in the freezer & goods on the shelf, so no complaints other than it went by too fast!

We are getting geared up for another fishing & turkey huntin' season. Can't wait for some warmer days, that Buffalo is looking good!!!! Smallmouth jumping & Turkey gobblin good times ahead! Yeehaw!

Dust off your gear (rods, reels, waders...yes waders, box calls, decoys & the shotgun!) I'm sure with some or all of these neccessities you can have a good time!

Trying to not be a lazy blogger! Forgiveness needed.....

Until next post,

Mountain Momma

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Bob said...

Look who I found here. Best wishes to you and your familiy.