Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hey friends,
All of ya'll know that Spring and Fall are Mtn Momma's favorite times of the year. This Fall was a bummer on hunting for me, so I'm planning to make up for it this Spring. I am already starting off on the wrong foot from battling a head cold and I can't hear a dern thing, so with my handicap, Gavin has heard the first Gobbily of the season and I've got the goop! He has gotten his own shotgun this year along with the other huntress of the family (josie, who bagged her first bird last spring) and me with ol'faithful, bottom of the boat gun...Mossy. Real women name their guns! The weather has been AWESOME and March is a sunset away. Looking forward to all of normal March groups and would love to see some new faces. Give us a call to talk about our Spring Turkey season in April and the great fishing that is going on NOW.

Mtn Momma

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