Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Good mornin' gobblin'

Spring has sprung around here and I was awakened by the glorious sound of "Gobblin' on the hill". The hill I'm speaking of is the big face bluff across from us known as "Turkey Mountain". It is real hard to stay in bed on a beautiful morning like this and I am itching to get in the woods (i bet the ticks/chiggers can help me out with that too!) All of the redbuds have started opening up this week along with some dogwoods and wild cherry trees. It looks to be a beautiful spring! You wish you were here....

Speaking of ailments (like itching), I have fever too...that is fish'n fever! Some of our March normals have been in/out of here this week and last weekend and just tearin up the Trout!!! We had some rain Monday that kicked up the Buffalo, so that gave us the brown/green seam line fishing which is awesome on trout. Now the Buffalo is dropped and clearing and the Bass bite should be back to game-on. Ya'll come see us to get in on the action and visit the Riley bunch.

Wish'n I was fish'n OR Turkey Trott'n,
Mtn Momma

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